Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Blogging

      So, three days into October and I've blogged once. I asked for suggestions and received only two, one from my beautiful friend Vangie, the other from my brother Josiah. Peace and hope were the suggestions, in that order. I've decided to use both themes, because I do not think they are exactly separate from each other. I've also decided that I will probably not post every day, and here is why: 
      Last night, it was 11:30 and I had not yet blogged. I was lying in bed, fighting with the student internet, trying to get it to connect so I could blog and go to sleep. I kept thinking about peace and how my struggle to post on my blog did not feel peaceful. So I shut my computer, tossed it over on my futon, and fell directly to sleep. No regrets. 
      Honestly, when I read Vangie's suggestion that I blog about peace for a month, my first reaction was "absolutely not."  I almost laughed out loud, actually. If you know me or have read even just a few of my blog posts, you know that I'm not good at resting or slowing down, and have therefore not experienced peace on a regular basis for the majority of my life. Living in New York, where the overwhelming attitude is one of stress and hurry, has not done a thing to aid in my quest for peace in my daily life. However, I have experienced peace in my soul since the day I gave my life to Jesus when I was a small girl. That kind of peace cannot be disrupted by the daily ups and downs of this crazy world in which we live. 
      As per usual when I start thinking about a theme, I looked up the word "peace" on To my surprise, most of the definitions had to do with ending a war. I suppose that "peace" has referred to the absence of war for centuries, but that's not the first thing that pops into my head when I think of peace. The definition that stood out to me is this: "to be or become silent or still." That is what I will be blogging about this month. Please join me on this journey of discovering peace, as it is certainly an uncomfortable topic for me. This month will indeed be an adventure! 

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