Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Answered Prayers

      I can't believe I've been in New York for a year. The realization hit me only when I took a spontaneous four-day trip home over Labor Day weekend. As I stood in church, surrounded by my little church family and next to my beautiful mother whom I've missed so much, it hit me: God has answered every single one of my prayers over the past year. I was overwhelmed by the faithfulness of my God who has remained faithful to His Word, who has remained faithful to me in the midst of the fear-filled days, lonely nights, and angry prayers tossed up to a God who felt oh so far away. Those prayers were not in vain! 
      A year ago, I was in the middle of the second week of my first semester of seminary classes, babysitting during my free hours and wondering if ever I would get to work as a nurse in the infuriating state of New York. Just a couple weeks before, I had arrived in Nyack and called my mom from the Walgreens parking lot. Tears streamed down my face as I begged my mom to let me come home. Of course, she didn't respond to my desperate plea, but instead gently convinced me to call the seminary and figure out where I was and what my next move should be. I'm so glad she did. I wouldn't trade the past year for anything. The months spent babysitting instead of nursing were not wasted months, but months that God used to teach me patience, reliance upon Him, and to see joy in the simplicities of life. I prayed and prayed for a job as a nurse, and now I not only have one, but one that I really enjoy and that is flexible with my school schedule. Prayer answered! 
      The prayers for friends, for a new community, are being answered as well. I have far more friends than I did a year ago, and for that I am truly grateful. My heart is overflowing with thankfulness. Prayer answered!
      I am so blessed to be in my second year of seminary, taking classes full-time. How cool is it that I get to read books about different cultures and religions and tell stories for a grade? Praise be to the God who heard the prayers of a struggling freshman nursing student to go to seminary if she survived the next four years. Prayer answered! 
      So many times throughout Scripture, God reminded His children to remember that which He had done. The same goes for us today. In moments of discouragement, when it seems like prayers are falling on empty ears, we need only to remember, remember what God has done and that He does indeed answer the prayers of His children. 
      "I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the work of your hands." Psalm 143:5