Tuesday, August 20, 2013

End of Summer

      I can't believe that summer is already coming to an end. I start my third semester of seminary classes in two weeks - these 4 months off have flown by! After a year of living in New York, I finally feel like I am settling in. This summer I: 

- Started a new job in the Bronx, which I am really enjoying.

- Bought a table from Ikea (the first big piece of furniture I have ever purchased) and got rid of the dorm desk I've been using for the last year. I also purchased a futon - I now have seating space other than my bed! 
With the futon and table, my little apartment feels much more like a home than a dorm room. I can now entertain like a grown up! 

- Drank lots of coffee. I had to throw out the brewing basket from my drip coffee maker because it was growing mold and it grossed me out, so I exclusively use my French press. Mmmmm!

- Fell in love with Trader Joe's. I've started making weekly trips to get coffee and yogurt, which are cheaper there than any place I've found in the area. There's also a super cheap gas station right next door (the only good thing New Jersey has to offer), so it makes for a productive once-a-week trip. 

- Started thinking about becoming an extreme couponer. Okay,not extreme. Maybe just a couponer. I went to a seminar at my church last week and started getting super excited about it, although it's all quite overwhelming. Josh bought me a paper on Sunday so I could start "clipping." We'll see how long my enthusiasm lasts! 

It really has been a wonderful summer, but I'm also ready for fall. I'm excited about my seminary classes and the wonderful things that the change from summer to fall brings: beautiful colors on the trees, nip-at-your-nose evenings, apple picking, cardigans and boots. Each season has so many beautiful things to offer - enjoy the rest of summer, friends! 

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