Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black Bear Diner

      A couple of weeks ago, I made another cross-country trek to Redding, California. I've grown really fond of that area, although it was crazy hot most of the week that I was there! One of my favorite things to do in Redding is go to the Black Bear Diner. Thanks to my mom and brother Josiah, I've always loved back-woodsy-ness, aka black bear and rustic wood decorations. I also really like diner coffee - there's just something comforting about it. The food was really yummy, too! Call me cheesy, but I thoroughly enjoyed all three of my trips to the diner with Joshua.  

      Another reason I enjoyed the diner so much was one of the waiters. My first time at the Black Bear, he made the experience so much fun due to his huge smile and friendly demeanor. He recognized us the next two times we went in and always stopped to have a short conversation with us.  I noticed that when he had a new customer, he would say, "Hello, my name is Jon. I get to serve you tonight."  It might seem silly, but I was really challenged by those simple words of that smiley, suspender-wearing waiter at the diner. I started thinking, what if everyone had that attitude? What if everyone went through life viewing service to others as a privilege? How different this world would be! 
      I'm always amazed by the lessons that can be learned from the people around me, in the most unlikely places, like a diner in northern California! Oh how beautiful is the life that I live!