Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summertime Adventures

      I've been back in Nyack for two weeks now. Slowest two weeks of my life. As always, I feel like God is trying to teach me to slow down and to actually enjoy it. I'm beginning to, although it hasn't been easy. I miss my family and Josh, something that doesn't lessen but only increases with the passing of days. I am so grateful for my friends here who have helped me fill the long days with adventures. Let me give you a few highlights! 

~ Walks with Steph and Quinn downtown. The views along the river are incredible. Sometimes the walks involve yummy treats, like fro yo! Salted caramel popcorn fro yo = a flavor explosion in my mouth! 

~Rolling down the small hill with Quinn and Steph on the campus where we live. So blessed to have friends who love silliness and laughter as much as I do! 

~ Day in New York City with my friend Colleen, eating scrumptious French toast and getting lost in the Met. Honestly, I was done with the art after a little bit, but the view from the roof helped keep me interested. We met my cousin Ruth for dinner after our adventures. I decided veggie burgers aren't exactly my favorite and that I'm totally okay with being a vegetarian who eats hamburgers. Of course we went to the Chocolate Room after, only the most amazing chocolate restaurant in the entire world. I had a rocky road s'more...what??! All I had to say was "yum!" 

~ Josh and I have been having lots of Google+ hangout dates (usually the Internet likes it better than Skype). We've had two movie dates so far, which work out quite nicely. Yesterday, he asked my friend Quinn to bring me flowers from him while we were having a "coffee date." Such a wonderful, sweet surprise! It's kind of fun to find out how creative we can be, living 3,000 miles apart! 

      I've never had a summer to fill completely with adventures, so I'm trying to just enjoy it! Life is so much better when one is content. More stories to come!