Friday, March 8, 2013

Soak Him In

      I realized today for the first time that it has been nearly a month since I posted. I apologize for the life has been a bit crazy/unpredictable for the past month! Adjusting to working overnights has proved to be a bit challenging - I forget to eat a lot - meaning that I definitely forget to blog. 
      "Frustrated" and "exhausted" are two words that have made themselves at home in my vocabulary as of late. On the flip side, I also haven't smiled this much or been as content as I currently am for a very long time. God has met me in the frustrating moments, given me strength when I should be collapsing, and blessed me with insanely unexpected and beautiful gifts in the midst of the chaos that is my life. With each new day He rocks my world just a little more. His whispers of love continue to take my breath away, sweeping me off my feet at the most unexpected moments. How beautiful it is to be romanced by the Creator of the universe! 
      As frustrating as it is to constantly feel tired and stretched, it is through the frustration and the tiredness that my heart is most receptive to Him because it is altogether ridiculous to resist the only One who can truly give me the strength to endure. And He does. Everywhere I turn there are reminders of how precious I am to my Jesus and how unashamedly He loves me. May you be blessed by the reminder that our God is a God of love....a perfect, beautiful, unconditional, extravagant love. He doesn't skimp on affection, so bask in the wonderfulness, soaking up every last ray of sunshine He lavishes upon you today. 

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  1. Hey Charissa, It's been a very long time, I saw this post come up on my blog window and felt compelled to respond to your post, it was quite an encouragement as Traci and I have been in a similar place. It is amazing to see how God provides when we least expect it. :-)

    Keep in touch :-)