Friday, December 14, 2012

Do Something Christmasey!

      I've been such a slacker with blogging this month!  After I started orientation at the hospital, life got a little crazy and I no longer had time or energy to post Christmas photos.  Plus, it doesn't even feel like Christmastime. Mostly because I have zero Christmas decorations and I'm not at home. Which breaks my heart, really. Christmas has always been a big deal in my family. Not so much Christmas Day as everything leading up to it - decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving, baking dozens and dozens of delicious sweets, watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie, wearing out the Kenny G and Amy Grant Christmas albums, and finding new uses for Santa hats. Unfortunately, my schedule changed and I won't be home until Christmas Eve, eliminating all of the pre-Christmas happiness with the fam. However, I am beyond thankful that I get to go home at all! 
      I am determined to get into NYC to see the Christmas tree and the city all lit up for Christmas.  My finals are on Monday and after that I'm a free woman! NYC, here I come! I'm going to attempt to take pictures with every Christmas tree I see.....not sure if it'll really work out, but I'm going to try! 
      Today is a lazy Friday. I'm still wearing my leopard-spotted pajamas while I update my blog and sip on coffee laced with cinnamon.  Definitely needed this chillaxin' time before I study my brains out. 11 days until Christmas - do something Christmasey with your Friday! Here are some suggestions:

- Take a picture with a random Santa Clause
- Drink a holiday-flavored beverage of your choice (I had a gingerbread latte last night - DELICIOUS!)
- Sing a Christmas carol at the top of your lungs
- Make paper snowflakes and hang them in random places around your house
- Burn a peppermint-scented candle
- Drive around looking at Christmas lights and huge inflatable snowmen

If you take any of my suggestions, comment on the blog so I can share in your fun! Happy Friday!

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