Friday, December 28, 2012

      December 29th! I can't believe it! Only two more days left in 2012. I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home. Christmas felt really strange, since I only arrived on Christmas Eve and didn't do much in the way of Christmas preparation beforehand like most years. Nonetheless, I'm so glad to be home.
      Christmas Eve was so fun: my dad and brothers picked me up at the airport, the brothers and I surprised my mom at work to say an early hello, a guy outside my mom's work handed me a sprig of free mistletoe (which is now hung over a prominent doorway in our house), we ate a yummy dinner of roast beef and scrumptious sweet potatoes (that I made from a Pinterest recipe - delicious!), and finished the evening off with the traditional family viewing of A Christmas Story - I must say it gets funnier every year! Christmas Day was just as fun.  I always enjoy watching my family open their gifts, especially the ones from me that I've been waiting for them to open for weeks. I'm not the best secret-keeper in the world, which means that I almost spilled the beans about more than one present on more than one occasion.  I still feel like a small child when it comes to the excitement I experience when giving gifts!  
      The rest of the week has been filled with coffee, Gilmore Girls, and catching up with friends. I've felt very lazy, but it has been good to relax with my family.  The past few days, I've made a point to slow down and listen to God. When I get so stressed and busy, I tend to push Him aside, which of course makes life even more stressful. Four more days at home, during which I plan on practicing sitting at the feet of Jesus, soaking in His presence and abiding in His peace. 


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  2. Happy New Year from your latest follower. Indeed, it's never too late for coffee :)

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