Friday, November 23, 2012


       Happy day after Thanksgiving!  Yesterday, I bucket-listed something I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl: I attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  One of the perks of living an hour from New York City! 

Waiting for the parade to start! 
      Lea and I headed to the city at 3:30 yesterday morning in order to find a parking spot in Park Slope where we were having dinner, take the subway to Manhattan, and stake out our territory at the parade.  By 5:20 we had found our way to 37th Street and 6th Avenue, where we sat on a subway grate behind some very loud and restless children.  We had sat on the cold ground for two hours before being told by a parade representative that we were in the "quiet zone," meaning that we would not hear any of the performances as the bands and performers passed us.  I was so exhausted and had waited so long for this moment that I did the unthinkable: I started crying. Right there in the middle of the sidewalk in New York City.  I eventually pulled myself together and was able to enjoy the parade, even if it was soundless and a large child kept falling into me. 
       Since we were near the end of the parade, right before Macy's, the parade members sometimes had to rush past us in order to get to the star on time.  Our favorite part of the parade was watching the marching bands sprint past us, their tubas and drums bouncing up and down.  The people holding the balloons were also quite amusing when they ran, especially the people who weren't in the best shape and were left straggling behind.  I was thankful that if we couldn't hear anything, we at least got some entertainment! 
Our fashionable footwear for city walking.
       We wandered around Times Square and 5th Avenue for a while after the parade, but were exhausted from the early morning and lack of sleep. Using my Hopstop app, we made our way back to Park Slope to my friend Colleen's apartment. We relaxed a bit, took naps, and drank lots and lots of hot beverages.  Colleen's mother Carol arrived later in the evening, and we put the final touches on dinner. 

       Colleen assigned Carol the task of carving 
the turkey, so Colleen found a YouTube instruction video for her to watch. I had the best time watching the video and the observing the turkey cutting! We sat down to a delicious dinner of carrot ginger soup, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes with maple syrup, green beans, and homemade biscuits and apple butter.  Yum!  I got to Skype my family before dessert, which made not being home a little better. Dessert was an apple crumble pie with caramel sauce from Cousin John's bakery in the Slope.  Delicious ending to a perfect day!  So, so thankful for wonderful friends who made my first Thanksgiving away from home a very joyous occasion. 

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