Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pink Polka-Dotted Rain Boots

      I really need to take some pictures.  Otherwise you may get bored of my blog...me just chatting, chatting away.  Over lots of coffee, of course. Although I am definitely sticking to decaf from now on.  Yesterday and today I strayed from my decaf-only routine, which resulted in a major headache on both occasions.  Totally not worth it.  I probably need to up my water intake.  Note to coffee drinkers: drink as much water as you do coffee in order to stay well-hydrated! 
      Today was not an overly-productive day for me.  Surprise, surprise.  I did get a bit written for a paper, which is a good thing.  Mainly I'm super distracted by life's circumstances at the moment and can't seem to focus on anything of immediate importance.  Today God reminded me to stop being so inward-focused and to look for opportunities to serve Him, even if they seem "small."  A very much needed reminder today.  Funny how God works. 
      I realized that making thankfulness lists every day is kind of difficult.  Which is really sad.  I'm trying to focus on things that I don't think about being thankful for.  I would love your feedback.  For what do you forget to be thankful? 

1) A loving God who draws me back into His arms every time I run away for a bit

2) Cold weather - the chill in the air always puts a smile on my face! 

3) 50% off Halloween candy at Target

4) God using me as an answer to someone's prayer

5) Christmas music

6) Pink polka-dotted rain boots - I'll be wearing them tomorrow for sure! Nothing like cute feet during a snow/rain storm! 

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