Friday, November 16, 2012

Piggy Banks, Old Ladies, and Cauliflower

      This afternoon, I convinced the two boys I babysit (the 7 and 9 year olds) to walk to the library. We made a deal that if they walked with me, we could go to the Sweet Shop, the newest candy store in town. The 7 year old had a piggy bank full of coins, which I finally convinced him to put in a Ziploc baggy, as much as I wanted to tote the pig along on our excursion. The boys scootered and I walked, which meant that I did a lot of shouting down the block and they did a lot of waiting at corners. The boys wandered around the candy store for about 20 minutes before deciding on a combination of Mike and Ike's, candy corn, and candy Legos from the bulk section. The total came to $2.66, which the owner of the store graciously accepted in a variety of quarters (only 1), dimes, and nickels. 
      After making the candy selection, we walked back down the block to the library, but were slowed down by a group of elderly people on a leisurely walk. The 7 year old leaned over to me and whispered, "we're going to be here forever!" as we walked slowly behind an older woman.  One of the gentlemen veered to the right after a couple minutes, at which point I quickly motioned to the boys to scoot around before the gap closed. The 7 year old and I chuckled to ourselves as we went up the walk to the library, where the boys spent the next 45 minutes playing maze games on the computers. 
      When we arrived back at their house, I had my first introduction to Scooby Doo. They had checked out the Scooby Doo with "real" people from the library and were excited for me to watch it with them. I must say that I don't feel like I've missed anything by not watching Scooby Doo the past 23 years of my life. But, it was a bonding experience and the boys enjoyed the movie. 
      Tonight when I came home, I experimented with cauliflower. I admit that I have never cooked cauliflower before, unless it was mixed into a vegetable medley from the freezer section.  I didn't know there would be so much chopping involved.  I hacked off the leaves and stem from the whole head of cauliflower I purchased this past weekend before smothering what was left in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and popping it into the oven. 25 minutes later, I covered the browned vegetables in Parmesan cheese and let them sit under the broiler for an extra 3 minutes. The result? A delicious, cheesy side dish that I will be making again.  Gotta love creative Friday nights! 

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