Friday, November 2, 2012

Music and Coffee

      Today was the first mostly normal day I've had since Sunday.  My power is back, but I'm discovering that most people in Nyack are still without.  Being without power for a couple of days made me realize two things that I take for granted and have a hard time living without: coffee (or tea - really just hot beverages) and music.  It was really hard for me to go without drinking something hot when it was cold outside and to sit in silence.  I like silence sometimes, but I guess I like to choose the silence.  
      Music has always been a part of my life.  My parents are both musically talented, so I grew up loving music because they did.  I listen to music while I cook, while I study, while I clean.  I don't have the majority of my iTunes after I bought a new computer and lost my iPod, so Pandora it is.  Currently my station of choice is Kari Jobe radio, which I shuffle with Jesus Culture radio on occasion.  Listening to worship music throughout the day, I feel like I am consistently being invited into God's presence.  It really is a beautiful way to live!   
      One of the first things I did last night when I got home was make decaf coffee.  I drink mostly decaf these days, with the occasional cup of caffeinated coffee.  Although yummy decaf flavors are way harder to find than yummy caffeinated flavors.  Especially whole bean.  So I settled for ground Archer Farms Cinnamon Vanilla Nut decaffeinated coffee.  Tonight I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Mmmmm! 
      So what am I thankful for today?  Music and coffee.  Two things I didn't know were so involved in my life until I was without them.  What things do you take for granted?  

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