Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Oops!

      Okay, so I totally forgot to blog today.  Or yesterday now, according to Eastern time.  But, for tonight I'm pretending that I still live in the Central Time Zone, which means that I still have twenty minutes left on October 8th. 
      Today was cloudy and chilly, but thankfully no rain.  I had Reading the Old Testament at 9 o'clock this morning - let's just say I was a bit exhausted by lunchtime.  I enjoy that class, but I always feel as if my head is about to tip over because it's so full of information.  
      This afternoon there was a random knock on my door; it was my building manager who came to tell me that I had a roommate moving in today.  Kind of unexpected since I've had the apartment to myself since classes started, but she's nice and I think we'll get along fine.  Yay for a new adventure! 
      This afternoon I went to the library with a couple of friends for a study date.  I got a good start on a paper that's due next week, which was a relief since I've been avoiding it.  Biblical Theology was really good tonight and a little less confusing than Old Testament.  After class, my friends Kristi and David came over and we made dinner.  Grilled cheese (under the broiler) and potato soup (courtesy of my friend Leah).  I love having friends who come hang out with me! 
      Tomorrow is my babysitting-only day, which means I get to treat myself to study time at the public library in the evening.  Sometimes I feel like such a nerd!  Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!

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