Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30: Power Outage

      Hello from New York! Based upon the few images I've been able to look at on my phone, I can understand why my friends in other parts of the country keep asking me if I've blown away yet. Nyack, at least where I am, wasn't hit quite ad badly as parts of NYC and New Jersey. There are lots of uprooted trees around campus and around town, but no flooding that I have seen. 
      Two friends and I ventured out earlier in search of coffee and non-perishables. The Village of Nyack is without power, but most of Nanuet, ten miles down the road, still has power. We found coffee at a small hot dog diner in Nanuet after seeing the inside of Panera. The line stretched almost back to the bathrooms and the restaurant was packed with people trying to get Internet and charge their phones. So, we ditched Panera and drank diner coffee. It actually wasn't bad.
      The only thing to do when there is no power is to read, so I have been faithfully catching up on classwork. Currently I am in my car charging my phone, which is the only way I can blog. I am determined to finish my 31 days! Please keep the NYC area and the entire East Coast in your prayers as 2-3 million people are without power. I am do thankful for the Lord's protection during my first hurricane! Praise be to God, for He is faithful!

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