Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28: Tornadoes to Hurricanes

      Okay, so I'm going to admit that this whole hurricane business is a little nerve-wracking.  I grew up in a state that is so completely land-locked that we had to create our own lakes in order to have any kind of summer getaway.  However, I did get really used to tornadoes, which threatened to carry away entire towns at least two or three times every spring.  The routine of huddling in the windowless bathroom or hallway with the entire family and the dog until the threat passed became quite normal.  So, I'm used to strong winds, but this idea of crazy rain causing wide-spread flooding is completely foreign to me.  
      Apparently the biggest deal in Nyack is power-outages.  My roommate and I stocked up on candles, and I found my handy-dandy pink headlamp, which is hanging on my bedpost.  We also stocked up on non-perishables - you know, the essentials, like peanut butter, bread, and peanut M&M's.  Oh, and we have a stash of water.  Classes are already canceled at the seminary for the next two days.  Sorry if I lose electricity/wifi and can't finish my 31 days of October blogging.  I'll update when I can!  In the meantime, please keep me and the entire East Coast in your prayers as we face Hurricane Sandy.  I hope your Sunday has been far less windy than mine!  

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  1. All of you on the East coast are already in my prayers! Hunker down and enjoy those peanut M&Ms...