Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27: A Terrifical Autumn Day

       The first thing you are probably wondering is if "terrifical" is a word.  It is, in fact, a word.  My source?  Tigger, of course!  The second thing you are probably wondering is why today was a terrifical autumn day.  I'm so glad you asked!  Let me just tell you!   
      I got up this morning bright and early, rushed around my apartment, struggled to straighten my hair in spite of the humidity, and grabbed my zebra to-go-cup filled with strong, freshly ground coffee on my way out the door.  I was only 4 minutes late to the White Plains train station, where my dear friend Colleen was waiting for me. We Chinese fire-drilled in a random neighborhood so my carless NYC friend could drive for a day.  After a few misdirections from my beloved GPS Pam, we were on our way to Fishkill Farms in Hopewell Junction, New York.  To say the drive was picturesque is an understatement.  Oh the colors!  Breathtaking, indeed!  Have I ever mentioned that October is my favorite month?

      The first order of business when we arrived at Fishkill Farms was to find apple cider donuts.  In my rush to get out the door, I had forgotten to eat breakfast and I needed strength to pick apples.  Of course the apple cider donut, accompanied by a sweet, steaming paper cup of apple cider, gave me exactly the strength I needed to tip-toe pick apples.  I discovered that tip-toe picking is the only way to go for a 5'2" girl picking golden delicious apples at the very end of the apple-picking season.  I must add that I am quite good at it - must have been all those ballet lessons as a small child.  
       After apple picking, Colleen and I decided to be extra adventurous and find a Walmart.  We got lost once again, taking lots of weird turns on East Cross Road (which goes at least five different directions), but we finally found ourselves in Fishkill at the Walmart - it was even a Supercenter!  We probably should have our own reality TV show - "City Girls Gone Wild in Suburbia."  By going wild I mean we went a little crazy buying hair products, whole wheat pasta, and laundry detergent.  You know, things that are extremely overpriced in the places we live.  I was in desperate need of hairspray and was overjoyed when I found a very large can at a very affordable price (my curls have been a little out of control lately and hairspray seems to be the only thing that can calm them down - Colleen told me I should have lived in the 80's).  At the end of our shopping excursion, we decided we should probably buy some water in preparation for the hurricane.  Needless to say, water was nearly extinct in Walmart today.  There were half a dozen boxes of Dasani waterbottles left, so Colleen and I split one, just in case we're without water for a while.  
      We were quite hungry after running around Walmart and Colleen had spotted a Cracker Barrel on the way into town, so we headed across the street for a late lunch.  We both had chicken biscuits (I of course had gravy with mine) and eggs - yummy, yummy, yummy!  The country music playing overhead was a bonus that made me feel like I was at home for a few minutes.  After our tummies were full and we could think more clearly, we hopped back in the car.  Destination: Brooklyn.  I am so proud of Colleen for navigating the crowded roads of NYC and parallel parking just one block away from her apartment!  
      The rest of the evening was full of Gorilla coffee (if you haven't tried it, you're really missing out), window shopping, walking a ridiculous amount of blocks in order to buy a new car phone charger, and yuppy burgers with seasoned fries on the side.  I even made it home all by myself without having to pay one toll.  The verdict: today was an absolutely perfect, terrifical autumn day. 

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