Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22: New Look

      I have been contemplating giving my blog a face lift for a while, and I finally did!  The busyness of the pages bothered me, so I simplified.  I welcome your feedback on the new look! 
      Today I took my first seminary mid-term.  Biblical Theology.  I think I did all right, but I am so glad it is over!  Mondays are always so long and I feel like part of my brain is jello by the end of the day.  Reading the Old Testament, my Monday morning class, was quite enjoyable today.  Dr. Widbin talked about Ruth in the Crisis of Nationalization.  Ruth is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, and although he gave tons of cultural background that should have ruined the story for me, it didn't.  I actually thought it made the story way more romantic than I had ever allowed it to be in my mind.  Thank you, Dr. Widbin, for broadening my horizons! 
      Since I've been working on my new blog design for two hours, I have no brain power left to actually write anything intelligent.  Tomorrow, however, is a new day and will bring with it a fantastic new blog post!  Hope you had a happy Monday! 

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