Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14: Sunday Adventure

      Today was an adventure day.  I stayed in my apartment all morning working on my Biblical Theology paper and was feeling restless.  It was a beautiful day outside my window, so I decided to go to the city.  Around 2 o'clock a friend and I headed in to New York City.  Two hours later, we found a parking place and headed towards the subway.  Destination: Times Square.  I hadn't seen it yet and he was really intrigued by it last time he went, so Times Square it was.  I must say that I really enjoy taking the subway.  Even though it makes me motion sick.  We arrived in Times Square after 25 minutes on the subway and headed towards a pizzeria for dinner.  The tourists all over the streets and the people trying to entertain them were quite hilarious.  One random pedestrian turned to his daughter and said, "New York City is scary, but not that scary!"  Too funny. 

      So, I had my first slice of New York style pizza today.  We went to John's Pizzeria, which interestingly enough used to be a Christian and Missionary Alliance church.  The stained glass windows and architecture are breathtaking.  Oh, the pizza was good, too! It was definitely different from any pizza I've ever had but was delicious nonetheless!  After dinner we walked around a little more, stopped by the Empire State Building to look up, and rode the subway back to my car.  
         - Spontaneous trips into the city are fun and will be happening often
         - I like New York style pizza
         - Taking the train into the city is a much better idea than driving
         - I didn't pass my driver's test because of my awesome parallel parking skills
     Have a happy Monday! 

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