Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: A Chasing Ducks Kind of Day

      Tuesday is my babysitting only day, meaning that I have no other obligations.  I babysit from 12-5:30, split between two families.  It was a bit chilly and overcast this afternoon, but the toddler and I went to Memorial Park to watch the ducks.  He also loves chasing them, which they do not appreciate.  I must admit that I quite enjoyed watching him scare them into flying away, especially since he is the least intimidating blonde-headed boy there ever was.  Along with the ducks, there was an usually large number of gulls, as well as a smattering of geese flying south for the winter.  After thirty minutes of chasing birds, running in circles around trees, and trying to keep him from falling face first on the rocks, we trekked back home, where we vegged in front of Blue's Clues until his mother arrived home.  
      I picked the other two boys up at the bus at 3:50, ten minutes later than usual.  The nine year old informed me that the bus took a turn onto a road that was blocked off and had to back down a hill.  I can't imagine how entertaining that must have been for the children aboard!  The boys have had a hard time focusing on their homework after school, so I bribed them by suggesting we walk to the Art Cafe downtown for homework time. I figured the walk would help them calm down after sitting all day and then they might be able to focus on their work.  It was only after we'd made the 20 minute walk (okay, they scootered and I tried my hardest to get my little legs to keep up) and ordered hot beverages that the boys realized they'd forgotten pencils.  They mostly behaved as they sipped their caramel steamers and I downed my entirely too strong French press coffee.  The bribe worked, because as soon as we got home they set to work on their worksheets.  Success! 

      After babysitting, I decided to try a new recipe for dinner.  Okay, technically I've never been much of a cook, so almost any recipe I try it a new one.  I've been wanting to try sweet potato and spinach gratin, although as usual I didn't have all of the right ingredients.  I cooked a few handfuls of frozen spinach in a bit of olive oil while I attempted to slice a raw sweet potato with a paring knife.  It is the only knife I own and usually does all right for what I need it for, until today.  I felt more like I was sawing than slicing, but I eventually had enough sweet potato to make three layers of spinach, sweet potato, and cheddar cheese in my orange ramekin.  It turned out pretty well, although the sweet potatoes were a bit crunchy and I could have added more cheese.  I usually listen to reggae while I cook, but tonight was country.  One of the things I miss about Oklahoma is the readily-available country music.  I have to listen to Pandora if I want it here, since all of the radio stations are a mixture of all different types of music, with only a couple country songs mixed in here and there.  The only place I've actually heard country music playing is in an Irish pub downtown.  Go figure.  Well, I'm off to the library to attempt Thursday's assignment.  Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!