Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Highlights

       Almost a month since I last blogged, which will make a total of 3 posts this summer (except I accidentally deleted one of them...oops).  7 weeks of camp are behind me, only one week left before summer camp officially ends.  This week is an off-week for me, so I am spending it at home with my family.  I didn't think I would come back this soon, but it was a pleasant surprise.  I love camp, but it's nice to just hang out and do nothing for a while!
       When I left off, it was just after week 4.  So much has happened since then!  One of the things that I was disappointed with week after week was the lack of interaction I felt I had with campers.  Yes, I administered medications at every meal, bedtime, and usually sometime in the middle of the day, but other than that I just kind of hung out waiting for someone to get hurt.  My prayer was the same at the beginning of every week: "God, please give me opportunities to connect with campers. I want to make an impact."  Every week, He answered my prayer in a different and unexpected way.  Sometimes it was as simple as holding a crying eleven year old girl and praying for her stomach to feel better.  Sometimes it was chatting in the barn store with high school guys about the Bible.  Sometimes it was hanging out in a middle school girls' cabin so the counselors could connect with the girls one on one.  Sometimes it was playing Skip-Bo at the beach with a group of girls who didn't feel like swimming.  All unexpected, all all seemingly unimportant, all answers to prayer.  If I've learned anything this summer, it's that God's love is endless and He listens to His children.
      Here are some of the highlights from the summer!
      - Friendship Camp dance parties
      - 4th of July Parade around the family campgrounds
      - Going to Bay City to see fireworks 4th of July weekend
      - Shooting my first (and 2nd and 3rd and 4th) gun at Saturday night fun
      - Spending a weekend with my friend Cyndi who drove up from Chicago
      - Archery with Kyle and Justin...I'm actually not bad!
      - Skip-Bo with my "adopted" cabin whenever we had time!
      - Getting corn rows for the first time, courtesy of my dear friend Lea
      - Sunday worship with the staff and family camp
      - Making my first friendship bracelet
      - Weekend in Lansing with my uncle, aunt, cousins, and friend Ashley
      - White Caps baseball game with the staff in Grand Rapids

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