Monday, May 7, 2012

City Girl in Montana

Hello! I made it back from my lovely long weekend in the mountains of Montana! Let me tell you, it was quite the trip! I almost didn't come back, it was so incredibly amazing! Okay, so I never actually planned on staying, but I must say I was tempted! My family traveled to Montana when I was a small child, but never before had I experienced it through the eyes of "locals," i.e. my friends Jamie and Jake. I'll share a brief summary of my trip.....if you want the longer version, we'll do coffee sometime and I'll add the dramatic details! 
 My first full day in Montana, Jamie and I ventured to Yellowstone National Park, about an hour's drive from her home in Bozeman.  I was blown away by the mountains and the splendor of it all!  Bison were everywhere along our drive, and I of course made a point to photograph every single one.  They didn't seem to mind one bit.  We stopped for a little bit at some hot springs/geysers, hiking up some wooden stairs to reach the lookout.  That's the first time the altitude got me.  But, it was super fun and Jamie took a great picture of me being a tourist! 
 Saturday, we drove to Three Forks to watch some horses run from their winter grounds to their summer grounds. It was quite the event...every organization in town was out trying to raise money, selling foods and goods, and there was even a huge rummage/bake sale at the Methodist church in town! Jamie and I bought some yummy trail mix for 25 25 cents I've ever spent!  We also toured the local historical museum, which was quite informative. I had no idea that Sacajawea was kidnapped near Three Forks, Montana.  Quite the claim to fame, I'd say!  

We waited three hours in the cold/snow flurries for the horses to quit getting lost and find their way through town, but the wait was more than worth it!  I'm so glad we went, because this was the last year of this event! The horses were so beautiful, parading straight through the middle of town, surrounded by cowboys and cowgirls on every side. I have to admit I jumped up and down, clapping my hands like a little girl the entire time they ran through!
Yesterday, Jamie and I went to a hot springs, which was really a glorified hot tub. Definitely cool, but we only lasted about an hour in the steamy water. Jake took us on a hike last night and I climbed a mountain for the first time! 
God came alive to me like never before on that mountain, looking out over His creation.  The past few weeks have been filled with worry over the future: what's going to come next, how I'm going to handle it, when to take certain steps.  As I sat there, admiring the beauty painted by my Maker, I thought: how arrogant it is of me to think that the very same God who SPOKE these mountains into being cannot handle the fine details of my life.
      "Before the mountains were brought forth or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God." Psalm 90:2

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  1. Charissa! This looks like so much fun! So glad you got to see her!