Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

A new year, a new blog background!  I decided I was tired of bright colors and went back to my favorite: coffee colors! I hope you like the new look for the new year! 

I realized that I should have done a "recap of 2011" blog yesterday while it was still 2011.  However, I didn't think of it until just now, when I also realized that I've done a wonderful job of telling my adventures as they happen.  I definitely did a better job of blogging last year than I have any other year.  I must be growing up!  I'd like to beat my record from last year, so hopefully you'll be hearing from me even more in 2012.  I have some exciting news (most of my friends and family already know), which I will make public in a couple of months. Let's just say it will give me a new blog theme!  Until then, we'll just keep drinking coffee together.  After all, I never get tired of coffee! 

Here are a few of my favorites from 2011:

- Graduating nursing school 
- Getting a job in the ER (which I absolutely love!) 
- Being a bridesmaid in my three best friends' weddings
- Rekindling old friendships at home 
- Visiting my Lansing family 
- Holding down the fort with Ben while the fam was in Minnesota
- Being able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with my family 

Here are a few things I learned in 2011:

- How to make an amazing cup of coffee (best coffee year of my life so far!)
- How to love myself and simply be loved by God (still in the process, but I'm getting there!) 
- Mistakes don't define me but learning from them can make me stronger
- Sometimes, it's okay to take my shoes off and dance in the rain 

Hope for 2012: 

- Fall more in love with Jesus every day. 

Happy New Year, friends!  May it be a year full of joy, love, and blessings! 

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