Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Hair Day!

Today, I feel exactly like the girl in this picture looks! Here are a few of the reasons that I feel like dancing under a red umbrella today:

* It's Friday! 
* My curls are behaving themselves beautifully today (which doesn't happen very often) - I feel so vain because I can't stop looking at them in the mirror! 
* Today is my first of six days off in a row! 
* Tomorrow I'm going to visit my beautiful friend Sarah, whom I haven't seen for six months! Can't wait for the little trip away from home and all the catching up we have to do! 
* I bought new scrubs today - they're super cute AND comfy! I just love my job :) 
* Today is my brother Benjamin's 17th birthday. He is such a fun kid - happy that we get to celebrate him today! 
* This afternoon has been a chill fest of catching up on stuff, painting my nails Barbie pink, and listening to country music. Can't get better than that! Have a lovely weekend! 

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