Monday, January 23, 2012

The Act of Letting Go

God really used this devotional to speak to me today.  I copied it below, but the original can be found here. The act of letting go....

Inspirational Reading by A.B. Simpson

Days of Heaven on Earth

Monday, January 23, 2012
It is a great deliverance to lose one's self. There is no heavier millstone than 
self-consciousness.  It is so easy to become introverted and coiled around ourselves 
in our spiritual consciousness. There is nothing that is so easy to fasten onto as our misery: 
there is nothing that is more apt to produce self-consciousness than suffering. Then it 
becomes almost a settled habit to hold onto our burden and pray it unceasingly into the very
face of God until even our prayer saturates us with our own misery. Rather, we should ask for
power to drop ourselves altogether and leave ourselves in His loving hands and know that we 
are free. Then we may rise into the blessed liberty of His higher thoughts and will and 
demonstrate His love and care for others.
The very act of letting go of ourselves lifts us into a higher place and relieves us from the 
thing that is hurting. This habit of prayer for others, and especially for the world, 
brings its own recompense and leaves upon our hearts a blessing, like the fertility 
which the Nile deposits upon the soil of Egypt as it flows through to its ultimate goal.

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