Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today, I volunteered at my second race as a nurse.  This one was a little more intimidating than the first, seeing as it was the Route 66 MARATHON instead of a mere 15k.  When I got to the medical tent this morning, I got in line to receive my assignment from the medical director, who informed me that I could quite possibly be stationed by myself.  After seeing the incredibly terrified look on my face, he quickly reassigned one of the residents from my hospital to share my tent.  Whew!  I could just picture myself being in a serious situation and having no idea what to do!  Thankfully I was stationed around mile 14, meaning that most of the runners were still running strong.  I just had to cheer and hand out a few tongue depressors with Vaseline for chaffed skin.  The only problem was the 38 degree weather and the biting wind!  By the end of three hours and a half hours, when the last runner had passed by my tent, I could barely feel my body.  Over all, it was a fun experience and I'm glad I could be available in case of emergency!  Probably I will do it again.  It's just such a good feeling, knowing that I can volunteer in a useful capacity!

My parents and Nathanael are still up in Iowa at our friends' house.  Nate sees the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully they will be heading home within the next few days.  Ben and I have been holding down the fort nicely, I must say.  I'm kind of proud of the fact that I haven't cooked once and yet we haven't starved!  I will be breaking that trend this week, however, since Josiah, Ben, and I are tackling Thanksgiving dinner this year.  That shall be an adventure for sure!  Ben and I made apple crisp twice from the leftover 20 pounds of apples that Mom purchased before she left.  It is so yummy!  We should probably win some sort of prize for it.  Josiah came home last night - it has been nice having one more person in the house.  They've only been gone for two weeks, but it feels like two months.  Even Snickers is ready to have them home!  In the midst of all of the chaos that has been life for the past few months, I must admit that I am so blessed.  To think that God holds all of this in His hands, that worrying is not a necessary activity, that He collects my thousands of tears shed on a daily basis in a leaves me humbled and oh, oh so thankful.

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