Saturday, November 12, 2011

Obviously, it was very good for my blogging life to have a theme.  I saw a 31 day picture challenge idea on Pinterest last week; I'm thinking about taking the challenge.  It could be interesting and fun, especially since I do not take enough pictures.  I never had a problem taking pictures in college, but since graduation I have lost most of my desire to whip out the camera during special events.  Stay tuned for the picture extravaganza that may soon occur on my blog!

Since Tuesday, Ben and I have been holding down the fort at home.  Mom, Dad, and Nate headed up to Minnesota for appointments at Mayo Clinic.  It's been really strange being home without them.  The house feels quite empty, actually.  Yesterday, Ben and I decided to attempt homemade apple crisp with a few of the dozens of apples overflowing from the refrigerator.  I am pleased to say it was a success!

Last night, Ben and I trekked to Bartlesville to watch Josiah perform in the Mousetrap, OKWU's fall play.  We had so much fun!  The cast was excellent and I always have so much fun hanging out with Josiah and our friends up there.  Today, Ben is in Arkansas for basketball games, so I'm off to my friend Roxanne's to be her Pampered Chef guinea pig!  I love being a guinea pig when it involves food :) 

I have been daily enjoying a cup or two of pumpkin spice coffee, which is of course delicious.  I sent my mother off to Minnesota with instructions to bring me back some Caribou coffee, since it is not sold in Oklahoma.  She told me yesterday that she bought a package of DayBreak (so yummy!) and a package of Kenyan coffee!  I am beyond excited to drink that coffee (plus, when I get it that means my family will be home!).  Please keep my family in your prayers this weekend.  Praise be to God, who is able to do far beyond what we could ever ask or imagine!  Be blessed! 

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