Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Days of Joy: Day 30

Only one day left in my series on joy.  I hope that my posts over the past month have helped you to think about joy in a new way, as well as reminded you to take time for the things that bring you joy.  I have saved one of my greatest joys for the end of the month because I was so excited to write about it!

I love coffee.  Of course, if you have ever seen me in the morning you already know that, since I always have a coffee cup in my hand.  I start my day with coffee (usually 2-3 cups), throw a cup in here and there during the day, and sometimes even end the day with a cup of decaf.  Some of my greatest memories during college revolve around coffee: going to coffee shops with Brooke to tackle endless nursing homework, Quik Trip coffee runs late at night when I was craving cappuccino, morning chats with close friends over steaming mugs of freshly brewed coffee, whether we were in our pajamas sitting criss-cross on the bed or venturing out to Starbucks or Jude's.  I can honestly say that I've bought a cup of coffee in every place I've visited over the past  four years of my life.  Mochas in Nairobi, brew of the day in local coffee shops all over the U.S., good old McDonald's coffee in numerous locations.

Coffee brings me joy.  I drink it no matter where I am, who I am with, or what time of day it is.  I also collect coffee mugs, which are starting to take up an enormous amount of space in my mother's kitchen.  Coffee isn't just a beverage.  It wakes me up in the early mornings at work, helps me stay awake when I'm up late, creates an excuse to meet with friends at random times, and it tastes really yummy!  As the title of my blog makes perfectly clear, it is never too late for coffee.  So, any time you want to catch up, mention the word coffee and I'll be there in a blink!  May your evening be full of joy friends.  Don't forget your coffee in the morning!

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