Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days of Joy: Day 20

Today, I have been contemplating the parts of my life that bring me the most joy.  The parts closest to my heart.  The next few days will be dedicated to sharing those parts of my life.  My very first blog post was about my mother and the joy that she brings.  I failed to mention my family in its entirety.

I am so blessed to have two parents who love and worship the Lord with their lives, striving to be a godly example for their four children.  Ever since I was little my dad and I have had deep conversations late into the night, which he likes to pretend to be grumpy about, but I know better. He loves it :)

From the time we were small children, growing up together in Michigan, Josiah and I have been best friends.  He's always been there to listen and offer wisdom, often causing me to feel like he should be the older one.

Nathanael is the gentle spirit of our family.  His heart is soft towards God and he is one of the most compassionate people I know.  He always makes a point to encourage me with his words and hugs, making me smile with his compliments.

Benjamin, on the other hand, is the comedian.  He and I have lots of fun times together listening to country music, making up silly stories, or creating things.  I am so blessed!  Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with such a beautiful family who brings so much joy to my heart!

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