Thursday, August 25, 2011

This week's discovery: I enjoy McDonald's coffee far more than Starbucks. Plain coffee, that is. If I'm getting iced coffee or some sort of specialty drink, Starbucks is way superior. But, for just regular coffee at 6:15 in the morning on the way to work, McDonald's definitely hits the spot. Plus, it is exactly on my way to work. No turning off the road I travel on except to drive in a circle through the drive through, whereas Starbucks requires at least three extra turns. For $1.51, that McDonald's coffee sure does the trick in the morning!

Crazy, busy week. After my third eye appointment in a week's time, I think I've finally found the right prescription for my contacts. Thankfully! Hopefully I'll be able to order the contacts and a new pair of glasses within the week. It's about time since I've been waiting several months to get an eye appointment and new contacts. Seeing is very important and this week has taught me to not take it for granted!

Tomorrow is Friday. Guess what that means? Zumba! I'm so very excited :)

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