Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just One Cup of Coffee

I had a fabulous day today. Working in the ER gets funner every day, especially when I am successful at starting IVs! Yay, yay, yay! The most amazing part of today was that I made it through the entire day on just one cup of coffee. So rare. Well, I did have a little Pepsi in the middle of the afternoon for a little sugar boost, but it's not the same. I guess that's what happens when I get enough sleep!

Tomorrow's my last day of work for the week. The weekend will be full of studying, though I'm sure I will find time to hang out with my beautiful family. Oh, and for zumba on Thursday! Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Maybe Just a Few More....

So, since I've been too busy to come up with a subject for a new blog and I will never get tired of coffee, I decided to keep blogging here for a while. Coffee is still a huge part of my life: one cup in the morning wakes me up before the day starts in the ER while coffee around 4 o'clock in the afternoon keeps me going until 7. I am almost certain coffee will remain one of my closest friends throughout my nursing career.

Work is interesting and challenging and exciting. I really love my job. I am a perfectionist, which makes starting new things frustrating, especially when I realize I have no idea what I'm doing. I am, however, getting acclimated to the new environment and the people, which makes the whole experience a bit less intimidating. My newest discovery (actually, I discovered it my first week) is that I do not have shoes that are comfortable to stand in for 12 hours. I guess I'll just have to go shoe shopping this weekend!

The rest of my life right now revolves around studying for the NCLEX, which I will be taking later this summer. I'm so excited about finally being a REAL nurse! Okay, really my whole life does not revolve around studying and working. I went to zumba with Jamie last week - always so fun! My mother is trying to convince me to become a zumba instructor - what an adventure that would be! However, I'm pretty sure my class would be the hippest around. I may actually consider it after I pass the NCLEX and settle into a routine at work. Let the new hobbies begin!

Tonight, I will be going to bed early. Again. I never thought I would get to the point when I would consider 11 o'clock to be way past my bedtime, but I have definitely arrived at that point. Early bedtimes, early mornings - oh, the life of a grown up :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I have decided that this will be my last post on this blog. At least for a while. Since I've begun a new chapter of my life, I think that a new blog is in order. I'm not sure what it will be called yet, but stay tuned!

Cyndi and Andrew's wedding was beautiful. I enjoyed traveling to western Kansas (believe it or not) since I'd never been there before. My hair definitely prefers the drier climate of Colby to the humidity of northeastern Oklahoma. It was a fun weekend of friends, laughter, and love, after which I began my job as a nurse grad in the ER.

My first week of work was interesting. It was good, for sure, but it will take some time for me to get used to everything. I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me as I grow as a nurse and become more comfortable in my chosen career.

The past couple days have been quite lazy for me. I didn't realize how hard it would be for me to adjust to working three 12-hour days in a row. I've spent the rest of the week laying around, sleeping a lot, and studying a bit. Hopefully by next week I'll get into more of a routine and actually accomplish something on my days off.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog for the past year, even though the posts were few and far between for a while. May you have a marvelous summer and don't forget that it's never too late for a cup of coffee with a friend!