Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simply Perfect

I am now a college graduate! This weekend was wonderful, but I am still exhausted! My grandma flew in from Kentucky on Thursday - it was so great to have her here to share in my special day! I'm pretty sure that between my parents, my grandma, and my friends I received more hugs in two days than I usually do in one month! But I'm not arguing!

My friend from NYC whom I hadn't seen since I was 17 also came - fantastic is the only word I can think of to describe that! After graduation, she and I wandered around Brookside, poking in odd little shops before eating dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant. Though the time was short, her visit was so precious to me. I decided that I for sure need to plan a trip to New York sooner than later. Something about NYC seems so attractive and mysterious to me (especially around Christmastime). This is the next thing I hope to accomplish on my bucket list!

Today was the first day of my Kaplan review for the NCLEX. It was a very long day. Thankfully there is no homework during the class, since the instructor made us all promise to not study this week. Praise the Lord!

Not studying for the biggest test in my life is proving to be easier than I thought it would be. Tonight I am pampering myself: hot bath, newly painted toenails, freshly ground decaf coffee, basking in the cool breeze blowing through my bedroom window, thank you notes, and You've Got Mail. Simply perfect :)

Quote of the day from Coffee Talk:

"Teach us delight in simple things." Rudyard Kipling

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