Thursday, May 5, 2011

Panera Day

Here I am at Panera, sitting at a table near the window, sipping on my coffee (out of a mug, not a cardboard cup!). The last few days have been crazy! I took the test that predicts how well I will do on the NCLEX on Tuesday. The NCLEX is the test that all nurses have to take to be licensed. The good news is - it looks like I will pass! There has been so much pressure to do well lately and it's such a relief to know that all of the hard work is paying off! Today I am finishing up a few last-minute assignments and then I'm pretty much done forever!

The last couple of months have been hard on my hair. It's just so curly and hard to manage. I decided that I'm tired of looking like a frizz-ball and need to conquer my hair. Mostly because it makes me feel more grown-up to be in control of my mane. So far, I've tried tons of gel and drying it with a diffuser. It's actually turned out a couple of times. However, Diffuser and I are still in the getting-to-know-you phase, so it's definitely not perfect yet. It's a little crunchy in some places and frizzy in others. The problem is that my arms aren't really long enough to do a good job on the back of my hair. But don't worry, I shall prevail and have grown up hair in no time!

This weekend is going to be super fun. Friday night is spring banquet - the last one of my college career! I bought an amazing dress the other day that I cannot wait to wear. I love buying and wearing new dresses - one of the simple pleasures in life. Saturday night I'm helping put on a bridal shower for one of my engaged friends. In the process, I've discovered that I'm not very creative at party planning. Shocker. It should be fun, though, since one of my dearest friends just gave me some wonderful ideas.

Okay, I must stop putting off the homework. I have some pictures to post later - be excited!

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