Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Break!

Right now I am studying at my favorite coffee shop with my lovely friend Brooke. Our big test (the one that determines whether we'll pass our state boards) is tomorrow. Yikes! I've decided I'm going to prepare as much as I can and trust that God will bring to my memory everything I've crammed into my brain over the past 4 years. I'm so close to the end!

This weekend was crazy! On Saturday Mom and I were in a car accident, which kind of made me stop and think about my life. We were rear-ended and the car was totaled, but praise be to God that I walked away with only a bit of whiplash. Mom hit her head on the steering wheel so her whiplash was a little worse than mine and she has a small abrasion on her forehead, but she was discharged from the ER after a couple of hours. Maybe a rear-ender doesn't seem like a huge deal to some people, but it was definitely a wake-up call. I realized how fragile life is and how much worse the accident could have been. Yesterday I was praising the Lord for seatbelts - something so simple yet they probably saved our lives! I drive all the time for school and pleasure, never giving thought to the fact that it can be dangerous. Life is a gift and I'm so thankful to be living it!

At the moment I'm fighting the urge to buy soup for lunch since I'm going out for dinner with my nursing girls tonight. However, my will-power is dwindling quickly after Brooke gave in and bought soup. It will help me think more clearly, right? I think so. Plus, how many times does soup taste good in May? It's cool and rainy again weird for Oklahoma. Procrastinating must end now...have a lovely Monday!

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