Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain and Food

This morning brought more rain, which was promptly chased away by the sun around noon. Clouds still hung around all day, accompanied by a chilly breeze reminiscent of winter. My mood for the majority of the day was a reflection of the weather: sleepy and gray. I didn't think I'd stay awake for the hour long drive home, but needless to say, I did. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch TV and I had to watch my favorite American Idol contestant, so I laid on the couch for an hour and a half, barely moving a muscle. All of my muscles hurt after my workouts the past two days. My muscles are hurting in places that I didn't know I even had muscles. For this very reason, I drug myself off of the couch and did my third day of the Wedding Workout. I felt quite energized after the vigorous upper arms and cardio session - the explanation for why I am still awake after such a sleepy day.

I decided to share my cooking adventure from last night. Cooking is definitely not my forte and I think Jamie would say the same about herself. However, we undertook cooking dinner for ourselves last night, scrounging up the random food items in her apartment's kitchen. We found the following: spaghetti noodles, Italian dressing, cheese, and asparagus. Now, individually these items sound less than promising. However, in just the right combination (with a little help from, they made the perfect main dish. I have attached a picture so you will be jealous of our amazing creation. The only word I could say for 15 minutes was "yum!". No joke. DELICIOUS! I think I will continue to experiment with cooking. Some day, people will be begging to eat my food :) (and Jamie's, of course!).

In other news, I have run out of free Pandora minutes for the month. I listen to Pandora on a consistent basis every month, but this is the first time I've ever used up 40 hours of listening time before the completion of a month. I have been spending a lot of hours studying lately, which have been accompanied by endless hours of Mumford & Sons, The Civil Wars, Ingrid Michelson, and Ben Rector. Gotta love the QuickMix option. Tomorrow, I shall hit the books hard. Don't worry, I won't hurt them :)

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