Friday, April 22, 2011

Iced Coffee Day

Today is my second day of Easter Break and I have to say it has been quite productive. I've been trying to spend time with Dad in the mornings before the busyness starts, which actually worked out this morning. It's amazing what a few minutes reading the Word can do to jumpstart the day! I also worked out this morning - something that has not happened for quite a while. I ordered a workout DVD on Amazon called "The Wedding Workout." Several people have laughed at me for this, but what's a girl to do when she has three weddings to get ready for? Even though they're not my weddings, I want to look smashing in those bridesmaid dresses! Today I did the first segment in the workout for short dresses. I figured lower body work wouldn't hurt no matter which dress I'm wearing first. Let me tell you - I am NOT a huge fan of squats and lunges. Oh, and I have terrible balance. The next few weeks should be quite interesting!

I studied a small bit after my workout and before lunch, though no matter how much I study it never seems like enough! The brothers and our friend Andrew who is spending the weekend with us went to an "earlybird" showing of the Conspirator this afternoon. Hip that the first showing of the day is $5.00! I shall be taking advantage of that deal often this summer! The movie is about the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, so of course my history buff brother Josiah had to see it. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Nate and Ben seemed quite taken in by it, but Andrew slept through almost the entire movie. It's amazing to me how interesting history can be - I might even read about the story myself!

When we got home it was very hot in the house. My solution? Iced coffee, of course! Following the recipe I found on another the blog, This Earthly Tent, I made coffee twice as strong as normal, poured it over ice, and added a splash of milk. YUM!

Now, I must resume studying for my big final Tuesday. I'm hoping that by studying a small amount every day I will be prepared. Hopefully tonight I'll find something hip to do. Looks like it's going to storm again! Have a beautiful weekend friends!

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