Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tomorrow I turn 22. I can't really believe it. 22! Even four years ago, if you had asked me what I'd be doing in 4 years, I would have said, "Oh, you know, normal stuff. Graduating, getting a job, getting married. I have a plan." Yeah, no. 22 is not actually that old, and contrary to popular opinion (okay, maybe just my previous opinion), turning 22 does not mean that I have to have a life plan. But you know what? I'm perfectly okay with that. God knows the plan, and I'm content with that!

I had a wonderful day before my birthday. Among other things, I discovered that Panera gives wonderful birthday gifts. Who would've thought? I visited my neighborhood Panera around 11 o'clock to work on a paper for school and was surprised to receive my coffee free (Panera rewards card - totally worth it)! I also discovered that my brother Nathanael is a terrific study buddy. We sat there for an entire hour and a half and I wasn't distracted by his presence (a huge feat for me).

This evening, a few of my beautiful friends and I enjoyed dinner at P.F. Chang's. Again, I was in for a surprise. Maybe I'm crazy for thinking this, but Pei Wei does not taste the same as P.F. Chang's. Even if it did, it is totally worth paying more just for the awesome restaurant experience. Plus, I received a free mini Tiramisu for my big day (yum, yum, yum!). Oh, and two of my friends gave me a zebra mug. I love that they know me so well! Dirty chai at a hip coffee house and a movie with my lovely friend Jamie followed. Oh, happy day :)

So, in about 20 minutes, I will enter into my 23rd year of life. God has been faithful every day of my life and I don't know where I'd be without Him. Happy birthday to me! Have a wonderful Sunday, all!

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