Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short and Sweet

Nursing school is making me tired. Surprise, right? If I'm not tired from studying or getting up early, I'm tired from thinking about studying and getting up early. As I was lying on the couch this evening, too exhausted to move, this question came to mind: do nurses ever stop being tired? Working 12 hour days at least 3 days a week, having people's lives dependent upon the care I give them, sacrificing sleep in order to have somewhat of a social life. It's not looking like sleep will be a top priority in my life, even after nursing school. It's a good thing I like coffee.

Second discovery of the day: stress is altogether an unproductive waste of time. It makes me tired, sore, and cranky. Not to mention tearful and anxious. No wonder Jesus told us not to worry. It's exhausting! Sad that I've had to figure it out the hard way. Slowly but surely, I am learning to carry my burdens to Him, to simply collapse at His feet and say, "I can't do it." His reply? "Rest in Me." Okay. Sounds good. Way better than stressing and worrying and crying. So now, I am going to bed, resting in the knowledge that He is strong when I can't be.

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