Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday, Friends!

It is Friday! Most weeks, Friday doesn't feel like a treat, since I usually have several days off during the week due to my random nursing schedule. This week, however, I feel as if I have been running non-stop between clinicals, school, and work. So this morning I decided to have me-time. I slept in (if you call 8:30 sleeping in), had a small chat with my mom, watched the Early Show (like a real grown up!), spent some time with Jesus, and drank half a pot of coffee in my favorite mug, although not all at once. I then tackled the task I have been avoiding for months: applying for jobs. It's definitely not that I don't want a job after graduation, because I certainly do. I just have not decided exactly where I want to work and am not too excited to be applying for jobs in the same place that I have lived for over half of my life. In the end, I decided to suck it up and do it, since I know that I'm supposed to be here at least for a while longer. Now that I am finished (or almost finished - need to apply at a few more hospitals), I am ready to start my weekend. No clinicals this weekend, which means that I can party! Actually, I'll just be going to Famous Duos and movie night at school, but it sounds like a party to me! Have a lovely Friday, friends!

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