Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello there! Well, Spring Break has ended and school is back in full swing. Not that I actually had much of a break, but I did have a few days to rest. It was definitely nice not having to drive back and forth to school for a week. I did a couple of clinicals, which was the busy part of my week, followed by hours of studying. The second half of my week was spent in Springfield with my family, who attended the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships. I have to say that we had a lovely time. I did get a little bit bored of basketball, but I entertained myself with people watching - always a good time! After my brothers had played their little hearts out at all of their basketball games, we rewarded them with a very large dinner at Incredible Pizza, followed by Yogi Bear at the $3 movie theater. Cheesy? Yes. But very much wonderful. To top it all off, Josiah and Ben serenaded me with their guitars when we returned to the campground. What were they singing? Taylor Swift, of course! Oh, yes! I just love my family.

Today was the big return to school. I decided that I am more than ready to graduate. 7 weeks from this Saturday, I will walk across the stage and receive my diploma. Hip, hip, hooray! However, my coffee obsession will not end with my nursing education. Twelve hour shifts are much longer without caffeine :) Happy week after Spring Break, friends!

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