Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Few Thoughts

I am determined to improve my blogging record. So far, I've been a sporadic blogger, posting only when truly inspired. But do friends only meet for coffee when they are truly inspired? Of course not! Conclusion: coffee talk does not always have to be inspired or deeply thoughtful, thus neither does my blog.

Lately, I've been keeping track of small discoveries I make during my every day routine. I made one such discovery this evening in the midst of my friend's surprise party: I'm not very good at surprises. I already knew this, but I honestly thought I was getting better. I did so well until I parked in the wrong spot...oops. Oh, well. Practice makes perfect! One day, I shall be the master of surprise parties! No one shall suspect a thing. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Another discovery: God is extraordinary. Every time I look around a corner, He has a new surprise for me. Sunshine-filled days, long walks on the pathfinder, meaningful conversations with friends, laughing with my mom at things that shouldn't be funny, days full of energy after a nights of restless sleep - I could go on and on. It's amazing how wonderful life can be when I'm actually expecting it to be.

Here are a few more recent discoveries:

- Starbucks smells better than almost any place in the whole world.
- High heels are better in theory than reality.
- Nursing is endless and it would take a lifetime to explore all of the possibilities.
- Yorkies are adorable, especially when they're soaking wet.
- Rain is the best when the sun is shining.
- Chocolate and peanut butter are a dynamic duo.
- Green smoothies are not always green.
- Thoughts are usually worse than reality.
- My family is incredible.

Look for the simple joys in life - they will make your day.


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! Really like your recent discoveries! Haha!