Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everything is Beautiful

"Everything God created is good..."

Someone gave me a card with this verse on it the other day. I looked it up in context, which put it in a whole different context, but it still made me stop and think about how I view people. "Everything God created is good." Everything. Not just a few things. Not just the things (or people) that we think are good or think of as beautiful. I started thinking about how we as humans put people in categories: beautiful, ordinary, untouchable. What's that all about? "EVERYTHING that God created is good." All people are the same. God doesn't split us into categories according to our facial features, weight, or personalities. The Lord told Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:7 that man looks at the outward appearance, but He looks at the heart. When I meet people, am I looking at who they truly are? Am I asking God to show me how God sees them, or am I looking at their face, their clothes, and their status? The other day, I found myself falling in love with a baby who by the world's standards is not very cute. But as I rocked her and sang to her and prayed over her, my heart began to spill over with love for this precious new being. Could that be just a little taste of how God feels as He holds each of us in His arms? He gave each of us life and He thinks we are beautiful. Because everything He creates is good.

God, give me Your eyes that I may see the beauty of those who surround me. Let me see with my heart the beautiful things that my eyes glance over. May the days to come be full of new discoveries of beauties not yet conceived. Amen.

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