Monday, December 20, 2010

God's Not Surprised

Christmas break! Only one more semester, and I will have officially completed four years of college. I am ready to be done, but what next? I've been worrying about this a lot lately, even though it has been my mission to stop worrying about things and let God be God. Last night, as I was, through tears, despairing about having to get two years of professional experience before going into full-time missions, my mother said something profound: "God knew that you'd need two years of experience before you could go to Africa. It's not a surprise to Him." Of course He did! Yet I hadn't stopped for one moment to consider that maybe, all along, this was part of His plan. All I've been thinking about since I was 13 is moving to Africa so I can start my life. It never occurred to me that God had different ideas. So, frustrated with waiting or not, I will be patient. Because, first of all, I don't have a choice, but second, because maybe, just maybe, God knows what He's doing.


  1. You are held in the hand of our loving Father, my friend. These next two years are part of his plan for you. Take joy in the days of preparation. You have no idea what surprises are in store for you my beautiful one! He dances in the joy of already knowing what they are and how darn good he made them. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. I'm excited for you! Peace to you. Rest in knowing he is in charge. Rest.

  2. That's profound indeed, "it's not a surprise to Him". Thank goodness, right?