Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh, summer. Some words to describe this season that brings so much joy to students of all ages: fun, relaxing, HOT! Summer can also be quite boring. Letting down after a hard semester can be surprisingly difficult. However, I have been trying VERY hard to make the most of my summer. I've been out of school for 3 and a half weeks and feel like I have nothing to show for it. I spent a week and a half at home (half of which I spent with a nasty cold), nannied for a week, and spent a weekend in Kansas/Iowa/South Dakota with my mom and three brothers. Now that I'm home for the rest of the summer, I've hit the ground running. The first thing I did shocked me. Guess what? I joined a gym. Yep. Me. The girl who hates to work out. I am an official member of All-American Fitness. I even have the little card on my keychain to prove it. The next thing I was to sign up for two summer classes. Also quite shocking. Anyone who knows me knows that I am adamantly against taking summer classes. Why, you may ask? The reason is simple: 9 months of my year are consumed by studying and studying and more studying. Why in the world would I want to fill my precious 3 months of bliss with more yucky studying? Well, I may not graduate on time if I don't take the classes. Simple as it gets, really.
On Monday I start my job as a nurse extern at St. Francis Hospital. Orientation, really. That's something else that confuses me. What extraordinary information takes one whole week to communicate to new employees? Beats me. However, I get paid for the whole week of sitting in a classroom, so I can't complain. Then....I start my job as a real nurse the next week! In oncology. I've wanted to work in oncology since I was a junior in high school. A God thing? Yes, please. So Monday brings the start of my scheduled summer: work three days a week, homeworking the other four days, working out whenever I get a chance. But then there's the church dilemma. Coming home to a city full of churches and not having one to call home is quite the problem. Nevertheless, I keep praying, knowing that God will lead me to the place I need to be for the summer.
My summer in three words: working, homeworking, working out. Okay, that was four. But that's it in a nutshell! Oh, and I'll blog more this summer :)

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