Saturday, May 8, 2010

The news is....I am now a senior in college! Nursing school has not beaten me yet, nor will it ever, Lord willing. It is officially summer break. The question is, what now? I have been so consumed with homeworking and studying and working while trying to have somewhat of a social life in the midst of it all that now I have absolutely no clue how to spend my time. What do I do first? Sleep? Exercise? Veg in front of the TV or computer? Find some sort of project to fill the empty hours? My brain never shuts off. Something I have discovered about myself lately is that I have a very hard time relaxing. Maybe nursing school has something to do with that. Or maybe, just maybe, I have a hard time trusting God to plan out my days. Why is it that I have become so completely paranoid about the empty hours in front of me? Wouldn't they be much better spent resting in the arms of my Savior, allowing Him to soothe and calm my anxious heart than fretting about what to do next? This is my prayer......"Dad, let this summer be a time of surrender, a time of rest and rejuvination - may You be my joy as I allow You to fill the moments of my summer with contentment. Amen."